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CORAL SPRINGS, FL – As local businesses began feeling the economic pinch of the coronavirus outbreak, two longtime friends hatched an idea to support small mom-and-pop companies in their community – particularly Coral Springs.

Lauren Linville and Robin Verse created a new website to make it easier for consumers to buy gift cards and promotions at their favorite local businesses.

So far, since the website GatherLater.com went live earlier this week, four of the 10 businesses that signed on are from Coral Springs.

“This website is 100 percent in support of businesses,” said Linville, an emergency management consultant who lives in Coconut Creek and is part of Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce. “We want to help them stay alive through this crisis.”

Two South Florida locals build Gather Later, a site to make it easier for locals to support small businesses

As an emergency management consultant, Lauren Linville has seen firsthand how catastrophic events hurt communities. And as the daughter of small business owners, she’s seen how these events hurt local economies.

So when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most South Florida businesses, Linville encouraged everyone she knew to order from local businesses and buy gift cards from them.

“Small businesses are the heartbeat of the communities,” the Coconut Creek resident says. “They are the ones that are out there sponsoring Little League, hosting nonprofits and events, creating gift baskets or things to put in gift baskets. They have always supported us. It’s our turn to support them.”



Former Senator Katherine B. Smith to Thank Humanitarian Aid Organizations for Continued Support to Rebuild The Bahamas

Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 4, 2020 – Katherine B. Smith, Managing Director of Disaster Reconstruction Authority along with Mission Resolve Foundation Co-Founders Joseph Farrell, Jr. and Patxi Pastor will join Edward Raine, CEO of Food for the Poor, to host a press conference at the Food for the Poor Warehouse on March 6th, 2020 at 10:30am. The event will commorate the six-month anniversary and thank major humanitarian aid organizations which continues to be provide support to the Bahamian recovery following Hurricane Dorian.