Emergency & Management Solutions

Learn about the various organizations Optimum Consulting works with throughout our community! 

Beacon For Change

Lauren Linville is a proud Board Member of the Beacon for Change. Their mission is to provide humanitarian outreach and support to the people of the Bahamas. They work hand in hand with local community and private and public sector leaders to provide a guiding light, to create a more resilient future.

Coconut Creek Public Safety Advisory Board

Lauren Linville is the proud Public Safety Advisory Board Chair for the City of Coconut Creek. Click on the link to read more about this board!

Women's Club of Coconut Creek

Lauren Linville is a proud member and former Board member of the Women's Club of Coconut Creek. The Women's Club of Coconut Creek is a group of women dedicated to helping their community and raising money for scholarships for resident High School seniors. 

Women of Tomorrow

Lauren Linville is a mentor with the Women of Tomorrow. Established in Miami in 1997, the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program was born out of the belief that caring professional women sharing their knowledge, expertise and support with at-risk and disadvantaged girls can be the catalyst for success by inspiring them to aim higher, by providing them with the skills necessary for personal and professional success – allowing them to find the strength and determination to transform their lives despite the obstacles stacked against them. 


Founded on the passion to help our local small business community thrive amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Gather Later gives our small businesses a chance to weather through this “social distancing” storm by encouraging consumers to buy gift cards now to use later. Just search, buy, and gather later. Lauren Linville is one of these founders. 


Optimum is proud to represent the Bahamas Strong Foundation and all the incredible work they are doing to rebuild the Abacos!